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Control access to your Google Form using a Simple Passcode

Have you ever wanted to keep users from filling out your Google Form until a specific time? For example, maybe you want students to fill out an exit slip out class, but you don’t want them to do it until the end. You could post your form at a specific time, but that’s not always convenient. Another option would be to setup a simple passcode for your form. Today’s 2 Minute Tech Tip will show you how easy it is to do.

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Setting Up Chromebooks for MAP Testing using the Google Admin Console

cbWe are back to using MAP testing again this year. With the influx of Chromebooks in many schools, it only makes sense to use them for MAP testing. NWEA has actually made this easy since they have released a Chromebook app that can be deployed to your school Chromebooks. If you are a GAFE Manager for your school (meaning you have access to the Google Admin Console) you can follow the steps below. If you are not, you’ll need to submit a Helpdesk ticket to have the app setup on your Chromebooks.

One of the best things about the MAP testing app is you don’t have to long on to the Chromebook in order to use it. So a student forgetting their password on testing day is not an issue.

Most schools currently have their Chromebooks setup in one of two ways for daily use. I’m going to call them USER MODE and KIOSK MODE. Read the rest of this entry »



How To Disassociate your FCPS Email From A Personal Google Drive Account

For those who have previously used their FCPS email address with Google Drive way to embrace Cloud storage early on! I wish I had a reward for you but instead the files in your previous Google Drive account will need to be moved and your FCPS email address needs to be dissociated from the account before you can use your new FCPS, unlimited space, Drive account. The steps below will show you how to do this and to move your existing files to your new Drive storage. Read the rest of this entry »

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Organize Shared Folder in Google Drive

google-drive-logo-2014Hopefully you are aware that all FCPS staff and students have unlimited storage space in both OneDrive for Business and Google Drive. There are some things that work better in one over the other.

In the case of organizing share documents, Google is currently the clear winner.
The video below will show you how you can easily organize files and folders that are shared with you. Read the rest of this entry »

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Using Google Chrome with Multiple Accounts

chromeDo you have both a personal Google account and an FCPS Google Account? Do you ever need to log into Office365 or Google for Education as another student or staff member to help troubleshoot an issue? If you’ve answered yes to either question keep reading… Read the rest of this entry »

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