Moving Email Folders From A PST File To Your Inbox

Do you remember the days when our school mailboxes were small? No…well, you mist all the fun of your Inbox filling up daily and trying to figure out where you PST file went when you changed computers. Back in those days, if someone shared an attachment it could fill up everyone’s mailbox fast!

Well those days are over, but some of use still have those PST files hanging around with emails we want to keep. This Tech Tip video shows you how to easily move the emails you want to save from your PST file to your Inbox.


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Set An Email Signature In Office 365

Where do I know you from? Ever have to ask this awkward question in the grocery store? Not fun. Believe it or not, this can happen with email too. In our district we have over 50 schools. It’s easy to get a little confused on who works in which school when communicating by email. Luckily, there’s an easy way to provide recipients of your emails with all of your contact information such as where you work, your phone number, your website address, and your Twitter handle. It’s called an email signature and its easy to setup. If you use Webmail, today’s 2 Minute Tech Tip shows you how to set one up. 

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