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How To Force Reboot A Chromebook

In the last few weeks have had half a dozen Chromebooks sent to me for repair with a black screen issue. Indeed, when you pressed the power button you could tell that the screen was getting power, but you just saw a black screen and nothing else.

The good news is this was an easy fix. Basically the Chromebook needed a forced reboot. To force reboot a Chromebook press the Power button and the Reload button.


This forces the Chromebook to reboot. Remember the old PC reset buttons? 

This may or may not fix your issue, but it’s definitely worth adding to your bag of troubleshooting tricks.


How To Make AirServer work on the FCPS network

IMG_0120Ever since we started using iPads in FCPS, teachers have wanted to be able to mirror their iPad to their classroom projector. We first made this work using Apple TVs. Then, about two years ago we started suggesting a program called AirServer. You install AirServer on your teacher computer and then you can mirror to your computer (which should be connected to your projector.) You can learn more about AirServer and pricing here. If your school purchases the software you will need to submit a Helpdesk ticket to have it installed for you. Read the rest of this entry »


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Graduating? New Job? Take Your Files With You Using Google Takeout

google-take-titleWe are nearing the end of the school year. Like you didn’t already know that. One commonly asked question is how do we allow students to keep their files when they graduate or leave our school district. Similar questions are asked about when staff leave our district. Well, if their files are in Google Drive they can export them using Google Takeout. Read the rest of this entry »


Lenovo N21 & N22 Chromebooks Have Different Power Cords

The most popular Chromebook we have purchased in FCPS has been the Lenovo N21 model. A few months ago, the N21 was discontinued and replaced with the N22. They look almost identical as you can see in this picture. The N21 has “lenovo” written under the center of the screen and the N22 has “N22” written under the bottom right corner of the screen.


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Google+ Communities Can Be a Great Collaboration Tool

Google-Plus-CommunitiesFCPS has had a Google domain now for over a year. All students and staff have accounts and can use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom, etc… We also have many schools now using Chromebooks too. One feature I haven’t talked much about (zero times on this blog) is using Google+ Communities with staff.

Google+ Communities are a great place to search for ideas and ask other people questions about specific topics.

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How To Hide the Windows 10 Search Box


One of my favorite features in Windows 8.1 (yes, there were good things) was the ability to start typing on the Start Screen and Windows 8.1 would assume you were searching for something. I used this feature all the time.

This is probably why in Windows 10, I click on the Start button and start typing. Guess what, Windows 10 also assumes you are searching. So, I never ever use the the search box next to the Start button. Since I never use it, why have is take up so much prime real estate on my taskbar? Read the rest of this entry »

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Which Chrome Apps & Extensions Can Students Use in FCPS?

c web storeThere are tons of apps and extensions in the Chrome Web Store. These can be used when you sign in to the Chrome browser (on a PC for example) or when using a Chromebook. Staff can try any app or extension in the Store, but only those that have been whitelisted can be used by students.

“So which apps and extensions can students use?”

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