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Using Columns in Google Docs

UntitledRemember the old “I’m not only the hair club president, I’m also a client” commercials? Well, I’m not only a nerdy┬ápassionate tech guy, I’m also a parent of three kids. My daughter in elementary school just finished up an at home project. The last part she had to complete was a one page newspaper.┬áThe directions said it had to have three articles and each article was to be in it’s own column.

Well, this sounds a bit complicated. Google Docs probably can’t handle making columns. Guess, I’m going to have to use Word instead, right??? Read the rest of this entry »


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Google File Stream FAQs

fs8FCPS has been testing Google File Stream for several months as part of Google’s Early Adopter Program. Now that it is available for everyone it is our recommended and supported sync client for Google Drive. File Stream works differently than the Google Drive sync client in a few ways. Below are some FAQs I’ve been asked about File Stream. Read the rest of this entry »


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