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Manage Chromebook / Chrome OS Updates

about2Google regularly puts out updates for Chrome OS. If you come from the Microsoft Windows world like me, you may cringe at the thought of doing an OS update. You may wonder what’s going to break and how long am I going to have to wait before the update install is complete and I can use my computer again.

Chrome OS updates don’t work the same way as Windows updates. The updates download in the background and don’t install until the Chromebook reboots. The update happens almost instantaneously so you don’t see any slow down in the boot up time after the update. Read the rest of this entry »

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Manage Chrome Bookmarks for Students using the Google Admin Console

bookmarkWe’ve all been there. You have a group of students that you want to access a particular website. You tell all of the students the website address. You write it on the board. You create a a short link to it. You mail it out. You post it in Classroom. You spell it out spell it out like you are doing a new version of the YMCA dance, but alias you can’t get all of your students to the site and have to spend time helping individual students.

Now, don’t get me wrong, individualized instruction is a good thing, but pointing out that they are missing a period in the URL or the “N” in the short URL needs to be capitalized, is taking away from the time you have to teach your lesson. Then, what if you aren’t in the same room as the students you are teaching? They are on another campus or even working on an assignment at home. How can you make sure the students have easy access to your school website, or other important site? Read the rest of this entry »


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Why Not To Force Install Apps on Chromebooks

chromebookFCPS now has several schools using Chromebooks so you’ll start seeing more GAFE and Chromebook posts along with iPad posts and other things I think about.

All of our Chromebooks are managed in the Google Management Console and all of our staff and students have Google accounts in our Google domain. We use the “block all apps and extensions except the ones I allow” option for all students. It is up to the district and/or school as to which apps to allow.


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