Gearing Up for presenting at #KySTE18 and Hopefully #ISTE18, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Dave Jerry@JerryBroyles and I are excited to be presenting at KySTE again this year! We are teaming up and doing something totally different for us. Remember the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials that ran from 2006 -2009? Well, we decided to reboot the idea but compare the PC to a Chromebook. It’s guaranteed to bring some laughs whether that be at the commercials or our acting ability.

Along with the videos, will be discussing significant differences between the two and how Chromebooks can solve many IT needs and issues in education.

We’d love the opportunity for a repeat performance this year at ISTE, but for that we NEED YOUR HELP and fast! ISTE is currently having people vote for their first-ever crowd-sourced sessions. FCPS has submitted 4 sessions. We not only need your vote, we need your co-workers’ votes too!

Dozens of sessions will be chosen, but it all comes down to votes. All you have to do is create a free account (takes 20 seconds) and then vote for the four Fayette County sessions. Voting ends January 26th!

Here’s the session titles and their direct links.

“Hi, I’m A Chromebook and I’m A PC” Reboot

             @davecarty & @jerrybroyles1

And We’re Live! Extending Learning Beyond the 4 Walls of the Classroom


Project Monkey on the Move – Bringing STEM to ALL Students

             @Amysmusings, @SamConderFCPS, & @BMooreTech

Bring Stories to Life with Scratch Jr.


We are getting ready to start filming soon!

Thanks for your support!!



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