New Look for Google Calendar

Use new calendar2Beginning today, there is a new look for Google Calendar. The functions and features are the same. It just looks “better” and more inline with other Google products.

I have approved the change for our domain, but left it as optional for now. The default is still the classic view.

When you go to you should see a button in the top right corner that says Use new Calendar. Once you click it and then choose Upgrade now, you will quickly be swapped to the new view. I recommend all school STCs go ahead and do this to familiarize yourself with the new look so you can anwser questions about it.

Back to classicOnce converted, you can easily change back to the classic view by clicking on the cog (Settings) wheel in the top right hand corner and choosing Back to classic Calendar.

Users can use either view until February 28, 2018. Users who have not changed over will be automatically transitioned by Google at that time.

More Info for Google:

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