Change Chromebook Wallpaper for Sign On Screen

wallWe’ve been able to set the wallpaper/background image for users for quite some time. Often schools would set a wallpaper that showed their school or mascot. However, until recently we haven’t been able to set the background on our managed Chromebooks that you see before a user logs on. Now you can.

The background for users is set in the User settings. The background for the device before a user logs on is set in the Devices settings. Tricky, I know.


If you have rights to the Google Admin Console you can access this setting by going to
Device Management > Chrome Management > Device Settings.
Make sure you choose the correct OU on the left side of the screen

Click on the UPLOAD WALLPAPER FILE to……..upload your wallpaper/picture.
Then click the save button.

A few things to note about setting the wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper has to be a JPG file
  • All devices in an OU will use the same image. You’ll need your Chromebooks moved into sub OUs if you want different images for different groups of Chromebooks. For example: Cart A, Cart B, 3rd Grade, etc…
  • Most of our Chromebooks have 11″ screens. The resolution is 1330 x 768. I recommend you make your image that size. It is easy to resize an image with programs such as Paint on a Windows PC.
  • The wallpaper is only shown when a user is not logged on. Otherwise the user’s wallpaper will be displayed. The users wallpaper can be controlled in Device Management > Chrome Management > User settings
  • The sign-in window is in the center of the screen. You may want to offset text and images like mascots to the top, bottom, left, or right side of your main image.
    For example: I’m using this image for the default OU that all of our Chromebooks go into when we first enroll them in our domain. Chromebooks should not be left in this OU so this image will make those that are stand out.


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