How To Wipe/Reset a Chromebook

There are times when it is necessary or convenient to reset a Chromebook back to factory settings. For example, you may find that a Chromebook is not receiving the same settings applied within the Google management console even though the Chromebooks are in the same OU. You may find the last sync date to be awhile back even though the Chromebook is constantly used. Another reason may be that you want to clear all the profiles off the Chromebooks for the next semester, quarter, or school year.

Whatever your reasoning, here’s how to do it.

  1. Boot up the Chromebook
  2. Press Esc + Reload + Power
  3. The Chromebook will reboot and show the following screen. If not try the keystrokes again.
  4. Press Ctrl + D
  5. The Chromebook will then show the following message:
    “To turn OS verification off, press Enter…”
  6. Press Enter
  7. The Chromebook will reboot to a screen saying Verification mode is turned off.
  8. Press Ctrl + D again (If you don’t, eventually the Chromebook will reboot on its own. Either way move to next step)
  9. The Chromebook will show the following screen
  10. In our domain, we have Developer Mode disabled. So at this point the Chromebook will factory reset and boot back up in Verified (Normal) mode. This will take a few minutes
  11. When the Chromebook boots back up, choose the proper wireless network to connect
  12. Click Continue
  13. Click Accept and continue
  14. We force re-enrollment so the Chromebook should show the following screen. If not, press Ctrl + E to bring up the “Enterprise Enrollment” logon. Any staff or student account can enroll the Chromebook. The Chromebook should join back to the same OU in the management console.
  15. After the device has been enrolled it is ready for use.

Note: There is currently no way to prevent a user from factory resetting a Chromebook. That is why we allow any user to enroll a Chromebook. If a user resets it, the next user will re-enroll it. In most cases, the user will not even realize that’s what is happening. More than likely what they will notice is they have to logon twice. Once to enroll the Chromebook. The second to use it.

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