How To Hide the Windows 10 Search Box


One of my favorite features in Windows 8.1 (yes, there were good things) was the ability to start typing on the Start Screen and Windows 8.1 would assume you were searching for something. I used this feature all the time.

This is probably why in Windows 10, I click on the Start button and start typing. Guess what, Windows 10 also assumes you are searching. So, I never ever use the the search box next to the Start button. Since I never use it, why have is take up so much prime real estate on my taskbar?

If your like me and want to hide the search box, it turns out Microsoft made it extremely easily (apparently due to user feedback) to hide.

search box

  1. Right click on the search box
  2. Click on Search
  3. Click on Hidden

That’s it. My posts are usually full of lots of steps, but this one is just too easy.

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