Which Chrome Apps & Extensions Can Students Use in FCPS?

c web storeThere are tons of apps and extensions in the Chrome Web Store. These can be used when you sign in to the Chrome browser (on a PC for example) or when using a Chromebook. Staff can try any app or extension in the Store, but only those that have been whitelisted can be used by students.

“So which apps and extensions can students use?”

Great question. When you visit the Chrome Web Store while logged in with your FCPS account, you will see a section called Student Allowed. This section contains a list of all of the apps and extensions that we have whitelisted for student use. When students visit the Chrome Web Store they do not see this same list. That is because your school may have apps that you want promote and some you don’t.


“I want my students to use an app or extension that is not on the list?”

You’ll need to submit the app or extension for approval using this form. Many schools now have someone onsite who is a GAFE Manager and has the rights to allow apps. If you need to request an app you should now submit a Helpdesk ticket. (update 8/16) Our goal is not to limit the apps you use, but rather to make sure apps such as Internet proxies are not used. Keep in mind that most apps and extensions are not covered by our data sharing agreement with Google. So if you’ll be uploading student information you’ll need to make sure the district has a data sharing agreement with the app’s company/site. Your school’s STC can provide more information about data sharing agreements.


“How can I find a specific app in the large list?”

The list is large, and it will continue to grow. Unfortunately, Google has not provided a way to sort it alphabetically. If you use the search field in the Chrome Web Store it will search the whole store, not just the allowed list. My suggestion is to use Chrome’s Find feature to make searching the list easier.


  1. Open the Student Allowed list in the Chrome Web Store
  2. Press Ctrl + F
  3. Type part of the name of the app or extension.

In the example above I searched for “classroom”. The search found classroom listed 3 times on the page. I can use the up and down arrows next to the search box to see the different places it found the word.


“How can I make it easy for my students to install an app or extension I want them to use once it’s whitelisted?”

There are are a few different options, but for classroom teachers I believe this is the easiest way.

  1. Find the app in the Chrome Web Store
  2. Make sure it is whitelisted for students already
  3. Click on the app
  4. You screen should look similar to the example above
  5. Hightlight the URL address (where the yellow arrow is pointing)
  6. Press Ctrl + C to copy the address
  7. Now you can paste that address into an email, website, Google Classroom, etc…
    Note: you may want to shorten the URL using a URL shortener like goo.gl. By the way there is Chrome Extension for that. 
    See what I did there 🙂

Now when the student clicks the link it will take them directly to the install page for that app or extension and they can click Add To Chrome.


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