BYOD App Lists Often Overlook Microsoft

This isn’t my normal type of post, but I thought it might be valuable information for some. I saw a site entitled “11 BYOD apps that keep the focus on content”. Now, there was nothing wrong with the apps on the list. The problem was, like most sites I’ve seen, there wasn’t a Microsoft app on it. Specifically I’m talking about OneNote and OneDrive for Business.

I’m not trying to start a debate about which apps are better. EverNote and OneNote are similar. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for Business are all cloud storage solutions. I believe whatever works best for you, is the right app/tool to use.

However, in my opinion, if you are just getting started OneNote and OneDrive for Business have one HUGE advantage over other products. That is, every public school student and teacher in the state of Kentucky already has an account setup to use them. In fact, should a user forget their password it can be reset as simply as resetting an email account password.

We often have to make a lot of network changes in order to make apps/programs works. Hence the square peg round hole reference. With OneNote and OneDrive for Business, they will just work regardless of whether you’re on a school computer or BYOD.

OneDrive for Business

  • Unlimited storage space!
  • Apps available for free for most platforms
  • Microsoft is working on a way to map a drive letter. This way, on a computer, it can be as easy to access as a student’s current server folder. (H drive for most)


Neither of these programs are perfect, but they have come along way. Microsoft continues to improve them and you can see what they are currently planning on their roadmap.


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