“What is Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and why do I care?”

UntitledApple’s Device Enrollment Program allows us to have more control over our iOS devices. Three key things it affords us are:

  1. Devices purchased through Apple Education are automatically enrolled in the program and in turn are automatically added to our Meraki MDM system. 
    If your school PTA (or other organization) wants to buy iPads with their funds and wants to purchase directly from the Apple Store, contact me BEFORE making the purchase. These iPads can be enrolled in the DEP but certain information is needed at the time of purchase.
  2. Devices are able to be put into a “supervised” state wirelessly alleviating the need to sync them with a computer.
  3. MDM enrollment can be forced. Even if the device is stolen and reset, the next time it is setup it will rejoin our Meraki MDM system. This provides a good theft deterrent and allows us to make a missing device essentially unusable.

Devices can be added to the Meraki MDM system (or any MDM) without being supervised, but control is limited. Some of the restrictions that can only be controlled using an MDM system on a supervised device include:

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