Adding Replacement iPads to Meraki

As you know, when you take an in-warranty iPad to the Apple Store to be “fixed” you rarely keep the same iPad. Instead, the iPad is swapped out with an identical model. Previously, the only way to do this exchange AND have the new device entered into Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) was to replace the device through Apple Education support.

You can now do this at the Apple Store by following the steps below:
(You can also schedule Genius Bar appointments using the Apple Store app)

  1. Click Here to setup a Genius Bar appointment
  2. Click the type of device you need service on
  3. Click Service Request & Troubleshooting
  4. Click on the problem you are having or click “The topic is not listed” and describe the issue
  5. Click No Thanks to entering email or phone number
  6. Click Take in for Service
  7. For location enter Lexington
  8. For carrier choose None (Wi-fi Only)
  9. Click Go
  10. Click on Apple Store, Fayette Mall
  11. Click Choose Store
  12. Enter you Apple ID credentials
  13. Choose when you want to bring your device to the store.
  14. Take the iPad to the Apple Store at the appropriate time
  15. Once you have confirmed that the device will be replaced remove the FCPS asset tag and write down the serial number of the original iPad

The next steps need to be done BEFORE you start using the replacement device.

  1. Email the serial number of the new iPad to me ( Include your school name and the fact that this device replaced an in-warranty iPad.
  2. Wait until you hear back from me BEFORE you start using the device otherwise you will have to reset the iPad.
  3. Contact Dan Sawyers ( to schedule a time in which the new iPad can be tagged with an FCPS asset tag and the Fixed Asset Return/Repair Authorization Form can be filled out.
  4. Enjoy using your new iPad 🙂

If you have replaced iPads this way in the past, send the serial numbers of the replacement iPads to me and which school owns them. I may be able to add the iPads to the DEP program so that the next time you reset the device it is supervised and can be controlled just like the original iPad.

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