Find My iPad: Use It Before You Lose It.

If you have used a personal iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, Find My iPad/iPhone is nothing new. However, I have seen several district owned iPads that do not have it enabled.

How It Works
FInd My iPad is tied to an iCloud account. If you’ve setup your iPads using the directions I wrote about in Install Free Apps – Revisited then you should already have an iTunes/iCloud account for your devices.

Why Enable This feature?

  • If you can’t find your device, its a great tool. If the device is connected to WiFi you can see its location on a map.
  • Even if you know the device is in the room with you, but you can’t find it, Find My iPad can help. You can make your device start making a ping sound. This is true even if you have the device muted or on vibrate. I use this feature weekly for myself or kids.
  • In order to erase the device and set it up as a new user you need to know the iCloud account password. Pros and Cons to this which I will write up in a post soon.
  • You could erase your device remotely if it has data on it you don’t want someone to have access to. I do not recommend doing this with a district owned device as there are other options.

How To Enable Find My iPad

  1. On the iPad, Open Settings
  2. Tap on iCloud
  3. If not already signed in, enter the same iTunes account information that you are using for installing apps
  4. If not prompted to enable location, Tap on Find My iPhone
  5. Turn it on
  6. Send Last Location is new feature that may prove to be handy. If you tun it on, the device will report its location right before the battery dies.

How Many Devices Can I Use With One iCloud Account?
I read somewhere that the limit was 99. I’ve never tried that many so I’m not sure if its true or not. I have personally connected 70 iPads to one iCloud account. That’s a lot of dots on the map.

Should Teachers Setup iCloud Using Their Personal iTunes Account on a District owned iPad?
Some schools are providing teachers with an iPad for their use, in these cases my suggestion is Yes. The teacher may need to use the feature their self and this would save them from needing to remember another account if they already have personal iPads and/or iPhones.

One concern with this is, if a teacher sets up iCloud using their personal account and stops working at the school, the account would need to be removed prior to giving the iPad to another teacher. This can be done a few ways by the original staff member and there is a way for the account to be removed even if you don’t know the account information. I will write up how to do this in a blog post soon. Apple does this as a theft deterrent.

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