iOS 8 gives us a few more MDM Security Controls

When setting up profiles in Meraki, there are now a few more settings that can be managed on devices running iOS8. If you what to enable/disable these features and you don’t have access to the Meraki Dashboard, contact your district tech.

Here are 4 notable additions found under the iOS supervised restrictions tab

 Allow configuring restrictions (iOS 8)
We have always recommended setting a restriction code on iPads just to prevent a user from creating their own code and disabling features. Note: this is different than a passcode. If a user set a restriction code and disabled features, the iPad would have to be reset to gain control back. Now we can disable the ability for anyone to set a restriction code by turning off this setting in Meraki.

Allow Erase All Content and Settings (iOS 8)
One other reason we set a restriction code if the user tried to wipe the device from within iOS settings, they had to enter the restriction code. Now we can turn off the ability to wipe the device from within iOS.

Allow Podcasts (iOS 8)
If you turn this setting off, the Podcasts app will not show up on the iPads

Allow Internet results in Spotlight (iOS 8)
By default when you use the search option on an iPad running iOS8 it will search for apps, contacts, etc…. but it will also search for websites that have to do with the keywords you are searching for. You can disable Spotlight from searching the web by turning this feature off. Note: this has no effect on being able to search the web in Safari.

One other notable setting is found under the iOS specific restrictions tab

Allow Handoff (iOS 8)
I wrote about Handoff in a previous post: Hands off Apple’s Handoff feature

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