“Can I use an Apple TV in my Classroom?”

The short answer is YES.

Apple TVs as well as PC software programs like AirServer (http://www.airserver.com) can be used with the following devices:

  • Personal iOS devices registered to staff members
  • District owned iOS devices. This includes devices used by students.

Student owned iOS devices cannot connect.

Both district owned and personal Apple TVs can be used on our network. However, they will not work right out of the box. To setup your Apple TV on our network follow. Note:some steps will need to be completed by your district tech. and some will not be necessary if it is a personal Apple TV that has already been setup for home use.

  • Plug in the power cable and HDMI cable to the Apple TV. A network cable is not needed
  • Choose English
  • Choose FCPSWireless as the Wi-Fi Network
  • The Apple TV will now try to activate and eventually will fail.
  • When asked if you want to send info to Apple about the Apple TV, choose No Thanks
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose General
  • Choose Network
  • Let your district tech or Dave Carty know the Apple TV’s Wi-Fi address.
    • District techs – add the device to the Apple TV Devices group and force a Reauth
  • Once the Apple TV has been setup the IP address should change from 172.30.x.x to 172.22.x.x
  • Go back to the General Settings menu
  • Choose Name
  • Choose Custom…
  • Rename the Apple to XXX-ATV-YYYY where XXX is the schools 3 letter initials and YYYY is something that distinguishes it such as a room number.
  • Go back to the main Settings menu
  • Choose AirPlay
  • Under Security choose Onscreen Code
    • When using AirPlay on an iPad, you will see all Apple TVs (and AirServer) setups in your school. By using the Onscreen Code setting you can prevent users from accidentally or misgeviously connecting.

The instructions above will allow iPads, iPods, and iPhones to use an Apple TV. In order to use a MacBook with an Apple TV additional settings need to be setup on our wireless network. Contact Dave Carty (dave.carty@fayette.kyschools.us) with the Wi-Fi address to have these changes made.

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