Why do we keep changing what we use for our MDM solution?

You noticed that too, uh? This is actually our first complete change in MDM solutions. The others, were upgrades of Apple’s MDM solution. Even though they have made changes, Apple’s solution is just too limiting for our needs. In some of my support calls to them they have more or less said that. Even with their upgrades, Apple’s solution is designed for one user (me) to manage all iPads and for all apps to be bought with one iTunes account. Obviously this doesn’t fit well into our situation. Meraki’s MDM solution on the other hand will allow us to divide the iPads into Networks (schools), create multiple accounts to manage the devices in those networks, and allow schools to buy apps with their school VPP accounts and assign those apps to iPads in their network. The response to the new system has been positive from techs that have begun managing their school’s iPads with it this summer.

iPads are great personal tablet! I enjoy using them. Are they the best?….that’s an opinion question. They do have a ways to go in becoming a great enterprise device. Apple has made some changes which are helping a lot and hopefully they will continue to do so. For example, we still can’t stop a student from setting a passcode….really?!?!

I hate adding any more work to what you already have to do by changing MDMs, but, dare I say, a lot of blame falls on Apple.​

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