Moving Email Folders From A PST File To Your Inbox

Do you remember the days when our school mailboxes were small? No…well, you mist all the fun of your Inbox filling up daily and trying to figure out where you PST file went when you changed computers. Back in those days, if someone shared an attachment it could fill up everyone’s mailbox fast!

Well those days are over, but some of use still have those PST files hanging around with emails we want to keep. This Tech Tip video shows you how to easily move the emails you want to save from your PST file to your Inbox.


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Set An Email Signature In Office 365

Where do I know you from? Ever have to ask this awkward question in the grocery store? Not fun. Believe it or not, this can happen with email too. In our district we have over 50 schools. It’s easy to get a little confused on who works in which school when communicating by email. Luckily, there’s an easy way to provide recipients of your emails with all of your contact information such as where you work, your phone number, your website address, and your Twitter handle. It’s called an email signature and its easy to setup. If you use Webmail, today’s 2 Minute Tech Tip shows you how to set one up. 

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Control access to your Google Form using a Simple Passcode

Have you ever wanted to keep users from filling out your Google Form until a specific time? For example, maybe you want students to fill out an exit slip out class, but you don’t want them to do it until the end. You could post your form at a specific time, but that’s not always convenient. Another option would be to setup a simple passcode for your form. Today’s 2 Minute Tech Tip will show you how easy it is to do.

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Introducing 2 Minute Tech Tips (#2MTechTip). Manage Chrome Extensions with Extensity

If you read my last post, you know I had a little fun experimenting with creating videos. It started me thinking that often when I’m looking for a way to do something, I will watch a tutorial video. Now the problem with some videos is they are long. Some videos are boring. Some videos are boring because they are long.

I’ve decided to try something a little different on my blog and post short 2 minute how-to videos on a variety of tech subjects. Most with probably be about G Suite and Office 365. You can help. Have an idea for a quick how-to? Let me know on Twitter @davecarty.

For topics that take more than two minutes to explain, I’ll still be posting the write-ups.

So here’s my first 2 Minute Tech Tip. Using the Chrome extension Extensity to quickly turn extensions on or off.

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“I Can’t Use This” A Chromebook Parody

It’s cold. We  haven’t had school all week so far due road conditions from snow that came in Monday night. It was really cold last weekend too and the kids and I were looking for something to do. For awhile now they have talked about wanting to start a YouTube channel. It’s really amazing what they have learned how to do and found on YouTube. They talk about specific people on YouTube like these are celebrities. I guess to them, they are. One of our favorites that we all like is the Holderness family’s YouTube channel. Seems we can relate to most of their videos.

So back to last weekend. I said I’d help them make a video. If you haven’t figured it out from my previous posts, I’m kind of a Chromebook fan. So here’s some entertainment for you. It’s our first YouTube video. Time will tell if its our last.


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Gearing Up for presenting at #KySTE18 and Hopefully #ISTE18, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Dave Jerry@JerryBroyles and I are excited to be presenting at KySTE again this year! We are teaming up and doing something totally different for us. Remember the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials that ran from 2006 -2009? Well, we decided to reboot the idea but compare the PC to a Chromebook. It’s guaranteed to bring some laughs whether that be at the commercials or our acting ability.

Along with the videos, will be discussing significant differences between the two and how Chromebooks can solve many IT needs and issues in education.

We’d love the opportunity for a repeat performance this year at ISTE, but for that we NEED YOUR HELP and fast! ISTE is currently having people vote for their first-ever crowd-sourced sessions. FCPS has submitted 4 sessions. We not only need your vote, we need your co-workers’ votes too! Read the rest of this entry »


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Make Any Website Run Like An App on Your Chromebook or Windows PC

2017-12-29_13-09-23Happy New Year! I’m starting off 2018 with a post about one of the coolest features in Chrome. It’s not new, but honestly I didn’t know this existed until a few weeks ago. You can make any website run in a window that looks like an app on your Chromebook or Windows PC.

How many tabs do you have open in Chrome right now? Five? Eight? Fifteen? You are not alone. I usually have several tabs open and switch between them often. Three tabs I usually have open regardless of what I am doing are Webmail (Office 365 for us), Google + Communities, and TweetDeck. I don’t really like having these open as tabs because I sometimes either close them accidentally or wind up changing the tab to a different webpage. Also, the Bookmarks bar, omnibar, and tabs take us valuable screen real estate. Now, you may of immediately thought of some ways to overcome these issues. Let me see if I can guess some of the suggestions. Read the rest of this entry »

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